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EY Entrepreneur of the year 2020

EY // The Entrepreneur of the Year gala

Factor Nova and EY built an experiential and interactive gala full of entrepreneurial spirit.

Bruce Dickinson Cisco Studio Human Innovation

Cisco Studio // Human innovation

The impressive and entertaining Cisco Studio dispelled some myths about technology and featured top performers led by Iron Maiden lead...

Visma On Air- Radio show

Visma On-Air // Interactive radio show

Our client wanted to arrange a memorable Friday night for more than 1,500 employees when it was impossible to organise...

Coffee Day celebrates 70th anniversary of Paulig Coffee Ambassadors

Paulig // 70 years of Paulig Coffee Ambassadors

The client wanted to mark the long and successful journey of Paulig’s Coffee Ambassadors by having a welcoming coffee break...

Fuck Cance rRun 2020

Sylva ry // Fuck Cancer Run 2020 // Charity run event

The first virtual charity run event in Finland attracted runners and supporters from all over the country to support the...

CGI On Air vol 2

CGI On Air vol 2 // The super popular radio show returns

The inclusive, original and distinctive CGI in-house radio channel was a success once again, and reached a whopping total of...

Kiwa Inspecta Virtual Event

Kiwa // Certification Information event

An interesting content package and the production of the traditional expert seminar in a digital environment in a successful and...

3StepIT Kickstart

3stepIT // Making Waves kickstart

The theme of 3stepIT’s kickstart event “We are making waves” was the company’s role as a pioneer – creating waves,...

Virtual Wellbeing Session // Virtual well-being event for staff

The aim was to bring well-being, joy and a sense of belonging to the staff while they were working from...

RadioGaala Virtual Event 2020

RadioMedia // RadioGaala 2020

A virtual 3D environment with top performers. RadioGaala awards the best performances of the year in various categories in the...

Google Digital Garage

Google // Google Digital Garage learning space

We designed and produced the stylish and comfortable Google Digital Garage learning space for our client on Kluuvikatu in Helsinki.

CGI On Air // May Day Eve radio broadcast for staff

The customer didn't want their webinar to be too traditional or packed with too many serious topics. The solution was...

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