Visma On Air- Radio show

Visma On-Air // Interactive radio show


An interactive radio show for staff

Our client wanted to arrange a memorable Friday night for more than 1,500 employees when it was impossible to organise the usual Christmas party. The result was an interactive radio show, hosted by Janni Hussi and Tuukka Ritokoski from Radio Suomipop and Visma’s own superhero Pasi Örn.

It was important for the client that the employees felt that they were part of the show, so we created an interactive radio show concept. The employees submitted song requests along with a story when they registered to the event, and these stories gave the songs wings when they were played during the broadcast. Some Visma employees appeared in the show, participating in various competitions and activities, and the participants also enjoyed Eva and Manu’s musical performance during the event. People loved being engaged, and the customised content was the key to the event’s success.

It was important for the client to make the employees feel that they were part of the show.