CGI On Air vol 2 // The super popular radio show returns - Factor Nova
CGI On Air vol 2

CGI On Air vol 2 // The super popular radio show returns


The super popular CGI in-house radio channel has returned

Last spring, our client decided that they did not want to organise an overly factual or traditional webinar for their staff. The solution was an inclusive, original and distinctive CGI in-house radio channel. The event was a success, and several participants sent messages to the show that it was the best staff event ever and wanted to see it return. This wish came true as the CGI On Air vol 2 was produced to mark the new financial year.

The radio show received excellent feedback again as the channel broadcast factual content in an entertaining form during the day, and it managed to inspire and engage staff across Finland once again. About 1,000-1,200 listeners tuned in at peak times, and the CGI On Air vol 2 reached a whopping total of more than 2,000 listeners.

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