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Kiwa Inspecta Virtual Event

Kiwa // Certification Information event


The traditional expert seminar taken to a new level

The aim was to increase the number of participants and take the traditional information event to a new level, as well as to be a pioneer in digital expert seminars.

Together with the client, we created an interesting content package, and producing the traditional expert seminar in a digital environment in such a successful and interesting way aroused interest among the general public. The previous year’s moderator Mikko Kuustonen was recruited as a host, and we invested in a moving image in the marketing efforts by showing the performers through video. We also took advantage of the virtual environment to create hype through pre-arranged meetings with our guest speakers; the excitement was tangible in the live stream. Instead of giving keynote speeches, all guests joined in a warm-hearted conversation, which freed them from thinking about their performances and encouraged interaction and new perspectives.

Feedback from the viewers was very positive, and the number of participants in the information event soared compared to the previous year.

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