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3StepIT Kickstart

3stepIT // Making Waves kickstart


The staff event that made waves on the radio

The theme of 3stepIT’s kickstart event “We are making waves” was the company’s role as a pioneer – creating waves, not just riding them.

A studio was built on the client’s premises for the radio show, which was hosted by Madventures’ adventurers Riku and Tunna. The company’s strategy was discussed in interviews led by Riku and Tunna, which meant that there was an entertaining element included in each section. Employees were also rewarded for operating in accordance with the company values. Discussions about values and factual issues were made more concrete by the relaxed atmosphere and interesting perspectives.

The amount of positive feedback about the traditional autumn kickstart event, which was held online this time, came as a surprise: the audience thought the event was a great success.

“The audience thought the event was a great success”

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