Virtual Wellbeing Session // Virtual well-being event for staff - Factor Nova

Virtual Wellbeing Session // Virtual well-being event for staff


Energy, inspiration and a positive attitude, virtually

Our client’s well-being event was originally intended to be organised as a physical event, but the implementation became virtual due to the coronavirus pandemic. The aim was to bring well-being, joy and a sense of belonging to the staff while they were working from home.

We brought staff together virtually to hear motivational and inspirational speeches so that they could participate, network and be encouraged.

The event was arranged as a news studio broadcast, in which Hatsolo (Johannes Hattunen) acted as the presenter and coach. Hatsolo gave a wellness lecture and spread a positive attitude and energy among the participants. In the courtyard workout studio, Sanna Yrjänheikki led barre, Pilates and Afro House classes. The event took place in the afternoon and was streamed to several countries. We received very good feedback about the event from the staff.

An immersive event that brought energy and joy to everyone!

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