Cisco Studio // Human innovation - Factor Nova
Bruce Dickinson Cisco Studio Human Innovation

Cisco Studio // Human innovation


Cisco Studio Human innovation was a blast!

The impressive and entertaining Cisco Studio featured top performers led by Iron Maiden lead singer Bruce Dickinson. The event dispelled some myths about technology and, using customer cases, provided examples of how technology helps solve challenges in business and acts as an adhesive between people and change.

Cisco Studio offered participants three interesting channels: the Innovation Channel, the Labra Live and the Possibilities Channel. The Innovation Channel focussed on issues such as customer implementations to solve business challenges, the Labra Live built functional configurations by diving into the depths of technology, and the Possibilities Channel offered an introduction to the latest innovations and technologies of the future. The interactive and visual production was engaging, and the great performers complemented the brilliant event with their top-quality content.

Cisco Studio – Human innovation After movie

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