RadioMedia // RadioGaala 2020 - Factor Nova
RadioGaala Virtual Event 2020

RadioMedia // RadioGaala 2020


A virtual 3D environment with top performers

RadioGaala awards the best performances of the year in various categories in the commercial radio industry. The gala was a virtual event this year, and a virtual 3D environment was built for the green screen studio for the broadcast. The guest performers we BEHM, Ellinoora, Erin and Pete Parkkonen.

The studio made remote contact with the different radio stations to interview the winners. The awards were delivered to the winners in the Helsinki metropolitan area at the same time as they were announced in the broadcast. The event took place in the evening, while all the artists’ performances, some of the handing out of the awards and the speeches made by the main partners were all recorded at the studio earlier in the day. Guests also arrived at the studio to pick up their awards.

Organising a virtual gala was a completely new thing, but we received some great feedback. People working in radio were delighted to have virtual meetings with each other. The hosts, artists and the entire concept received excellent feedback.

Watch the video to see how the virtual 3D environment transformed into a gala to remember

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