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Checklist for planning a successful virtual event

Checklist for planning a successful virtual event

A checklist for planning a successful virtual event. We’ve drawn up an 8-step checklist that you can use to plan a successful virtual event!

Pick up tips for organising a successful virtual event

It’s important to take the needs of both the organiser and the audience into account when planning and carrying out a virtual event – and don’t forget to be bold.

1. Why are you holding this virtual event?

What is the goal that you want to achieve with the virtual event? What is the story that you want to tell? For example, if you’re planning a conventional Christmas party, think about how you would do things differently. Could the staff be heard on the radio this year? Consider not only what you want to say but also what the participants want to hear. Learn how to create a successful kickstart for your staff in 2021.

2. Choose the right format

At its best, a virtual event is a holistic and inclusive experience, comparable to watching a TV series. When the format is interesting, you want to binge-watch the entire season. Think about which format would suit your target audience. For example, are they interested in gamified adventures or a straightforward model in which you can reach the finish line with one click? As your idea of the format begins to take shape, think about how the environment can support it. Do you have a studio of your own or do you rent a ready-made studio, for example? Did you know that the Factor Nova Studio in Ruoholahti, Helsinki, is now available for your virtual events?

3. Draw up a script

A good script keeps the event going and under control. To make the virtual event impressive and versatile, the script needs to carefully consider the flow of the event. Pay attention to issues such as the length and need for breaks, the dynamics of different programme content and the exact duration.

4. Engage the participants

Engaging the participants and interactivity are the best things about a virtual event. Think about how you can encourage engagement and commitment among the participants before, during and after the event. Should there be voting, chat or group discussions? Should you provide the participants with some material in advance?

5. Select the performers

Brilliant performers can take your event to the next level. Remember that a virtual performance is a completely different experience from a live performance as the performers don’t have any direct contact with the audience.

6. Promote your event

The more you promote your event, the more popular it is. Plan your pre-event and post-event marketing activities – both are needed. Here’s how to draw up a marketing plan for your event!

7. Be brave!

Participants are not inspired by the ordinary. So remember to be brave and to stand out. In addition to the factual part, think about including narratives and entertaining elements in your virtual event.

 8. Get help

Do you need help, encouragement or consulting when organising your virtual events or remote meetings? We can help you! We can take care of everything from start to finish or draw up a manual for you that allows you to easily and confidently organise impressive small-scale events such as Teams events. Read about successful cases of our virtual events and pick up some tips for planning insightful and inspiring virtual events.

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