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Kick start

This is how you create a successful kickstart

A kickstart is a great way to start the new year in an engaging way and to clarify your plans for the future. We’ve put together a list of things to consider for a successful kickstart.

Well-planned and inclusive kickstarts motivate and engage staff. A successful kickstart is also a management tool and should be seen as an aid for business management. It’s a good idea to launch the preparation phase with activities such as in-house surveys, interviews and studies, which help determine the event’s point, goals and commitment.

The main goals of a kickstart

Here are some tips for organising a successful kickstart:

1. Assessment of the organisation and clarification of the goals

The effects of the coronavirus, what is happening right now? What challenges have the exceptional circumstances created? What are the lessons learnt from this situation? What are the tangible goals for the next year or the next period? How can the targets be achieved? What are the most relevant and important issues right now?

2. Inspiring and energising the staff

Remember to involve the staff and actively encourage them to take part. An enthusiastic atmosphere makes discussions and brainstorming easier and more productive. The participants also commit themselves to the goals and feel that their contribution to the shared success is significant. Ensure that the mood remains positive throughout the kickstart.

3. Boost the team spirit

Even kickstarts that entirely focus on factual issues are, when produced well, a great way to improve team spirit and enthusiasm to carry out the plans made.

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