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Event marketing plan

Here’s how to draw up a marketing plan for your event!

As a rule of thumb, the more effectively it is marketed, the better an event will be. We have created an event marketing template to get you started.

Here’s how to do it: 14 steps to a successful marketing campaign!

What happens six months before the event?

1. Determine the goals of the event

What do you want to achieve with your event? How can you reach the goals, and what role do marketing and communications play?

2. Determine your target group

What sector do they work in? What are their interests? What is their motive for participation?

3. Create a marketing plan and think about a marketing mix

Where and when is it easiest to reach your target audience? Social media, print media, digital media, blogs, your own channels or something else? Draw up a schedule for each channel. Draw up a marketing budget. Make a detailed list of responsibilities. Who is responsible for each part of the plan?

4. Start planning the invitation process

What happens five months before the event?

5. Start determining and processing the requirements for the app and event website

What happens four months before the event?

7. Launch the marketing campaign according to your marketing plan

Remember good accessibility! Revise your plan if necessary. Think about how to present the event cost-effectively to your target audience. The amount of traffic to the website generated by the save-the-date invitation is the first indication of the interest your event has generated.

8. Send out invitations

9. Track traffic and registrations on the website

10. Start interacting with participants

Send thank-you notes to participants, send additional details and inform attendees where they can follow or take part in event communications. Show enthusiasm: it’s contagious!

11. Step up your marketing efforts

Increase your event’s visibility and send reminders to speed up registration. Interact with participants even more enthusiastically. To keep your messages interesting, always try to offer something new and fascinating in the marketing materials and communications related to your event.

Activate participants through various campaigns and competitions that go with the theme and the hashtag. Draw up press releases and publish blog posts about your event.

What happens at the event itself?

12. Create an atmosphere

Make active use of the event app and/or the event website during the event itself. Interaction and participant involvement will be at its peak during the event. Share moods (images and videos) on social media with the event theme and hashtag. Inspire the participants; set an example!

Good to remember after the event

13. Keep the interaction going

Share event moments and collages on the website and social media. Thank all the participants – bragging is allowed! Conduct feedback surveys, and take care of post-event marketing and communications. You can publish new event schedules or campaign for other new things.

14. Go through the results

Were the goals achieved, what went well, what could have gone better? Enjoy the success of your event for a while, then get ready for the next ones.

Factor Nova will help you every step of the way. You can take on all or some of the marketing if you want.

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