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Read the best tips for organising a responsible event!

We’ve put together a list of suggestions to help you get started with planning a responsible event as well as some interesting cases to give you new ideas for your planning process.

Are you thinking about how people are yearning to meet each other?

The coronavirus epidemic has made many of us yearn for real meetings with other people. There are many good aspects to virtual events and remote meetings, especially from an environmental point of view. Now is a great time to combine these aspects and plan post-epidemic events from a responsibility perspective.

1. The importance of responsibility

How does responsibility feature in your company’s values and practices? How could it be implemented at events?

Case. HELEN’s new brand identity was launched with an exhibition concept that can be customised in an eco-friendly way.

2. Venue

It is also worth considering the venue from a responsibility perspective. Consider the following:

– Could you reuse the set for another event?
– What would be an environmentally responsible venue in terms of energy savings, recycling and waste management?
– It should be as easy as possible to travel to the venue.

3. Catering

Catering with a difference can also be achieved responsibly! Which of these would work best for you:

– Using organic ingredients or Fair Trade products
– Focusing on local food or seasonal fresh produce
– Going entirely vegetarian
– Not using disposable dishes or serving portions that are too big.
– Providing water in jugs instead of bottled water

4. Decorations and visuals

Use digital applications instead of single-use materials. Invest in certified materials, reusable items, rental furniture and natural materials. Biodegradable nameplates, for example, can be made from recycled cardboard. Most pieces of furniture and trade fair mats can be reused at dozens of events every year.

Case SITRA: The two-day production of SITRA’s WCEF event was carried out according to the principles of circular economy in every detail, and the amount of waste and the event’s carbon footprint were kept to a minimum, without compromising its effectiveness.

5. Content and programme

Give preference to local artists, performers and hosts. You could bring even the world’s biggest stars to your event through live streaming.

6. What else?

Pay attention to the elements outside the actual event too. For example, check out environmental certificates and other eco-friendly solutions related to your guests’ accommodation. Once you’ve considered everything else, all you need to do is think about how to offset the emissions. This can be done using, for example, the WWF’s climate calculator.

Do you need fresh ideas for planning your responsible event?

We will be happy to help you turn your responsibility plan into your event theme.

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