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Read about our best virtual event cases!

Whatever the purpose and goal of your event, we will produce an innovative and customised event that will leave the participants with great memories for a long time to come. We’ve put together an interesting list of our cases: read on and be impressed.

Can virtual events really offer great experiences?

Yes, they can, as long as their planning and production are customised, not forgetting the requirements of both the organiser and the audience. High-quality virtual events are a unique and effective way to look after your stakeholders and engage them in remote interaction.

We have successfully brought people together, inspired teams, motivated experts, trained staff and supported groups online during the coronavirus pandemic.

“What is a hybrid event?”

A hybrid event is a great way to combine a virtual and in-person meeting. You can gather a small group in a venue for a live meeting while engaging larger audiences online. We will be happy to help you plan an event at which you can meet others remotely or both live and virtually – and great experiences are guaranteed!

Here’s how to do it: read more about our best virtual event cases!

Virtual Wellbeing Session // Virtual well-being event for staff

Our client’s well-being event was originally intended to be organised as a physical event, but the implementation became virtual due to the coronavirus pandemic. The aim was to bring well-being, joy and a sense of belonging to the staff while they were working from home.

RadioMedia // RadioGaala 2020

RadioGaala awards the best performances of the year in various categories in the commercial radio industry. The gala was a virtual event this year, and a virtual 3D environment was built for the green screen studio for the broadcast. The guest performers we BEHM, EllinooraErin and Pete Parkkonen.

Watch the video to see how the virtual 3D environment transformed into a gala to remember.

Cisco // Irina’s virtual gig

Cisco wanted to build its image as an employer and bring some joy to its employees and partners by streaming a concert during the corona crisis. The artist of choice was Irina, a charismatic and fascinating Finnish singer-songwriter. The technology was provided by Youngfield and the gig was streamed through Cisco Webex Teams. The stream kicked off with Cisco CEO’s brief greeting to the staff.

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