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Event organiser’s checklist: what to keep in mind from 1 June?

According to the regulations set by the Finnish Regional State Administrative Agencies, public events and meetings of fewer than 50 people are allowed from 1 June onwards. If the arrangements follow the instructions of the Agencies and the Ministry of Education and Culture, events for 50-500 people are also allowed. The event organiser is responsible for arranging the event in such a way that the coronavirus-related situation does not worsen.

Checklist for the event organiser:

– It is important to highlight the importance of social distancing.

– A person with any symptoms of the disease is not allowed to attend an event.

– Those at risk are advised to stay away from all events.

– To avoid close contact, the number of attendees should be limited so that it is possible to keep at least 1–2 metres distance between them.

– If there are queues, people should be reminded of and helped to maintain the correct distance. To ensure social distancing, measures such as sufficient staff to guide the participants, signs and the prevention of long queues through arrangements at the entrance and exit should be in place.

– When entering any indoor or confined space, attendees must use a hand sanitizer. Hand sanitizer must be readily available.

Remember sustainability

Sustainability has already been one of the main themes at events, but it is even more important now. Eco-friendliness, green values and local sourcing are now a given.

Try a hybrid event

Hybrid events are on the rise! This is not surprising as combining face-to-face and virtual meetings can reach a greater number of participants. The hybrid concept can bring together different people, different industries, and different target groups – regardless of their location.

Step outside your comfort zone

Since people are physically distanced in virtual events, it is important to find new ways to convey emotions and be engaged. What is normal for artists and performers is completely new to the rest of us. So let’s improve our skills, even outside our comfort zone.

Read more about our successful virtual cases here.

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