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Valtioneuvoston kanslia // Finnish Children’s Independence Celebration


Finnish Children’s Independence Celebration

When Finland celebrated its 100th anniversary, the House of the Estates in Helsinki was filled with over five hundred, ten-year-olds celebrating our Independence Day. As a legacy of Finland’s 100th anniversary, the tradition of celebrating Independence Day continued. In 2018, the nationwide celebration of independence of Finnish children was held on the eve of our Independence Day 5.12. at the House of the Estates in Helsinki.

Over 500 children celebrated and congratulated Finland. The theme of the day was reading and books that brought joy and light. To go with the theme, the children stepped into the story by passing through a large book, where the Prime Minister shook hands with the ten-year-old guests. During the day, the joyful moments were immortalized by a live artist. This made the event a more fun, lasting memory.

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