CGI | Factor Nova


The fruitful partnership and collaboration between Factor Nova and CGI Finland have produced great events and concepts over the years.

Continuous development behind successful concepts

CGI is an important international IT corporation with more than 65,000 employees. Our collaboration with CGI’s professionals on strong event marketing concepts has created a streamlined operational model that is unique on the Finnish events and conference scene thanks to its efficiency, level of engagement and measurable results.

CGI’s annual events have become more recognised over the years, for example the Ratkaisu seminar, which is now one of the most important regular seminars in the IT sector in Finland, attracting more than a thousand managers, decision-makers and opinion leaders from the business and IT sectors every year.

Close collaboration is the key to success

Event concepts are revised and developed through seamless collaboration with Factor Nova, whose top-quality project management skills are essential. We are constantly strengthening our collaboration and developing better events. We seek new means to improve CGI’s event concepts for both customer and staff events. The collaboration also covers an up-to-date concept for exhibitions.

Project team: Project lead Piia Weittikoski, Account director Juha Hauhio