Nooa Savings Bank | Factor Nova

Nooa Savings Bank

Nooa Savings Bank and Factor Nova have worked together for years to bring bank services closer to consumers.

New concepts and approaches to consumer contacts

Nooa Savings Bank was the first in Finland to open a pop-up bank, a novel way to welcome new and existing customers. The idea was based on a willingness and need to reach out to customers, stimulate debate about the banks’ operational models and combine the best aspects of personal service and online banking.

Great results through event marketing

Our collaboration with Nooa Savings Bank has included not only pop-up banks but also numerous stands at exhibitions. The stands have applied the concept we created together, and their appearance and functionalities have strengthened Nooa’s communications and values.

“Nobody could miss our pop-up branch in Munkkiniemi, and everyone praised the premises. The pop-up branch was stylish and comfortable, and visually striking from the outside. The local people were delighted to have us there and welcomed us in Munkkiniemi on a permanent basis. Our experiences of the first pop-up project were extremely positive.”

Project team: Project lead Piia Weittikoski, Account director Juha Hauhio