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Hobby Hall

The new sales event concept created by Hobby Hall and Factor Nova

Online sales boosted by event marketing

Hobby Hall is a well-known company in Finland that sells products and services by mail order and through its online sales and own store. The new Hobby Days event concept, created in collaboration with Hobby Hall and the advertising agency Pohjolan Mylly, has attracted more than 10,000 visitors to the event, which is held in Tammisto, Vantaa, every year. The event has been supported by a strong campaign on various channels including TV, radio and the Internet. The sales figures from both the store and online sales have exceeded targets.

Goal-oriented collaboration to support sales

Factor Nova and Hobby Hall’s collaboration is based on continuous improvement and searching for new approaches. In addition to the Hobby Days event, the companies have worked together on projects such as design and implementation of shows.

Project team: Project lead Virpi Lappalainen, Account director Juha Hauhio